Al Young 

Chief Creative Officer

FCB Inferno, London

Celebrating creative excellence intersecting advertising and entertainment.

The A-List Jury is a diverse group of worldwide industry leaders.

“I love that fact that one of the core judging criteria for The A-List Hollywood is ‘creativity in brand message’. Sure a piece of work may be entertaining, but if no one understands, or worse still, fails to even realise there’s a brand message contained within, it’s a bit pointless really. Bravo.”

Bianca Guimaraes

VP, Creative Director


New York

“The best of advertising has always been entertaining in some way. The days of boring people into buying your product are over.”

Madonna Badger

“Audio visual medium is one of the best medium to tell a brand story these days, there is lots happening around this medium, the medium have evolved so is the way of storytelling, I’m looking forward to witness some inspiring stories”

Madonna Badger

“Make advertising great again”

“I have always believed creativity is a force of nature. It has the power to transform fortune.”

The best of these two worlds belong together. Like ham and eggs. Delicious.”

“Brand experience seems to be the core of everything. But it’s entertainment will bring the love back. So, better matter!”

“Everybody loves movies. Everybody hates advertising. But when you combines the art of story-telling with the best creative ideas everybody loves to be entertain.”

"In advertising, our job is not to just feed viewers boring brand facts and functions, but rather it is to engage and reward viewers with entertaining and meaningful brand stories.


I’m honored to be a part of this year’s The A-List Hollywood jury, to celebrate and recognize those that create great work by crafting together advertising and entertainment."

"The biggest signal of creative success is when your work becomes pop-culture. Like a good film that stands the test of time which is extremely rare for advertising.

We are always chasing that dream".

”Make things that change things”

“Creativity changes everything – it is the loudest voice to cut through the noise.”

"Entertainment has historically made people aware of certain wrongs in the world, while advertising as an industry has grown a conscious more recently.


I feel that the coalition of the two can truly touch our hearts and make a change for the better". 

"Creativity infuses fun into the universe".

"The best storytelling format: Bravery."


To move forward, we have to go back to the basics. It’s all about emotion and persuasion. Dan Wieden’s rule of thumb on advertising is “Make me feel something, dude”. While Alex Bogusky brief to all his creative was “Don’t show me the script, show me the headlines.”

The ‘Survival of the fittest’ principle requires us to become more like the entertainment industry. More like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vice, Spotify, Hollywood and Bollywood. They are our industry’s greatest competitors, and at the same time, our greatest teachers. Just look at how amazing they are at pulling us into watching and listening to their content on our smartphones. And paying for it.

"At its best, Advertising and Entertainment provide as much meaning for the public as they did for its creators"

“Entertainment sells the ad before the ad sells the product.”

“My son is 2. My grandma turns 90. They are very different characters. But they both love it when I make them laugh.

Being entertaining is the best way to get people’s attention. No matter what age they are.”

"Whether it’s advertising or entertainment, the blank page still has to be the most exciting and terrifying thing in the world. The trick, I think, is to always remain a student and a sponge. For if you’re willing to learn something fresh, that blank page has a better chance of becoming something fresh.


It’s an honour be part of this year’s The A-List Hollywood jury, I’m looking forward to seeing - and learning - some new things".

"I’ve always said great advertising should be indiscernible from great entertainment. That’s our business. We aren’t here to sell we are in the business of connecting brands to consumers with a grin, a laugh, a tear or a wow".

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