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Joe Alexander
Chief Creative Officer
 The Martin Agency

"There are way too many award shows and way too many without a clear purpose. The A-List is the rare exception, It rewards the brands - and agencies - that are behaving in the most creative and engaging ways.  Now that's refreshing."

Donny Makower
RED Interactive Agency
 Santa Monica 

"So many agencies and ideas are entered into The A-List Hollywood Awards and I’m looking forward to celebrating those who are able to innovate and drive change in today’s ever-evolving landscape. This should be a very exciting year."


Matt Eastwood
 Worldwide CCO
New York


"The best brands understand their role is not just to sell, but to entertain and engage.  So, I’m thrilled to be able to help select the best demonstrations of this understanding at The A-List Hollywood Awards."

Eric Schoeffler 
Chief Creative Officer
DDB Group

"We can now make use of all the new fantastic opportunities to tell our best stories in a deeper, more compelling or more engaging way. Could there be a better place to celebrate great storytelling than the hometown of entertainment?“

Mark Cibort 
President, Digital
Trailer Park

"In our business, great stories connect brands to their fans. I’m glad that the A-List Hollywood Awards celebrates our industry’s commitment to great storytelling in the most appropriate place – the heart of the entertainment."

Andreas Ullenius
ECD / Senior Partner
 Akestam Holst

"I’m jealous about all advertising that people seem to actually choose to watch, use or in other ways engage with. I’m also very inspired by it, and I’m looking forward to help The A-List, award brands and agencies that have succeed in doing this." 

Rob Feakins
Publicis Kaplan Thaler
 New York 

"Quite simply brands today have to be entertaining. Consumers want them and expect them to be unexpected, surprising, inspirational or funny. And the competition is fierce: they’re in social feeds and up against your friends, Upworthy and Mashable. 

Warren Brown
Creative Founder

"All brands today face the daunting challenge of being seen, heard and loved. We're awash with content and how a brand can be 'sticky'  and find relevance in this world requires some extraordinary insights and creativity. That's why I'm looking forward to the A-List Hollywood Awards." 

 Pierre Lipton 
Chief Creative Officer
New York

 “The A-List celebrates advertising’s highest call: to create stories across platforms that are measured not just against other advertising, but against all forms of entertainment."

Tom Eslinger
 Worldwide Digital CD 
 Saatchi & Saatchi
 New York 

"The A-List Awards makes advertising and the people that create it work very hard to earn these awards – the  criteria, categories and requirements make this show unique and I’m looking forward to being inspired and humbled."

Mark Tutssel
Global CCO
Leo Burnett

"The best marketing content doesn't interrupt consumers. Rather, it becomes that which they're most interested in. The marriage of advertising and entertainment is the very embodiment of that principle." 

Luiz Sanches
CEO & Partner
Sao Paulo

"Our industry already dabbed with entertainment way back in the day, somewhere along the way it lost that focus.  Now we have plenty of reasons to celebrate this resurgence, and I really look forward to being part of an award show that has entertainment at it's core. "

Joaquin Molla
Co-Founder & CD
the community

"The A-List Hollywood Awards stand out as a unique way to celebrate the brands that have learned how to entertain us."

Mike Geiger
President, CIO
 JWT North America
 New York

 "We should be striving for the day all advertising is considered valuable because it's entertaining. Any show that keeps us on that course is bloody exciting indeed. Count me in."

Erik Vervroegen
 International CD
Publicis Worldwide

"There is branded entertainment and there are brands that entertain, I'll be looking for the latter." 

Guido Heffels
Chief Creative Office

“Thanks to YouTube and SNSs, nowadays there are no borders between advertising and entertainment. The A-List Hollywood Awards reflect the times we live in. Can’t wait to see what is purely fun!”

David Rolfe
Director of Integrated Production
New York

 "Finally advertisers start to realise that content is king. The A-List Hollywood Awards will will make them also realise that great content is entertainment."

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