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Ned Crowley
Chief Creative Officer  mcgarrybowen

“As someone who’s always tried to do a little writing, directing and film making on the side, it’s great to see an award show that breaks down the walls and brings it all together with advertising and marketing.   There’s never been more creative possibilities."

David Gompel
Chief Operating Officer
 Publicis Communications

"Creativity’s focus today needs to be on earning genuine interest & emotions, through whatever format – now is a great time to reward the fusion of big ideas, craft, and story telling."

Chris Beresford-Hill
New York



"We should definitely celebrate when advertising acts more like Hollywood, and we should morn when it goes the other way around."

Norman Tan
Chief Creative Officer
 J. Walter Thompson


"Today’s brands communications in advertising its all about entertaining your audiences, The A-List Award spot on the needs and celebrate the best in moving image advertising."

Pops KV Sridhar
Founder & CCO
Hyper Collective


"There are only a few awards genuinely stand up to its name. A-List is a true A-List when a client and creative community considers it as one."

Nils Andersson
 President & CCO


"Good to see a show set up to celebrate how what we do really has to truly connect, and even drive culture."

Philip Khosid
Partner & CCO
Los Angeles


"The line between entertainment and advertising has never been more blurred. It’s exciting to be judging work that recognizes that trend. Kudos to the A-List awards for being one of the award shows that truly gets it."

Sam Bergen
VICE Media
Los Angeles 

"Advertising inhabits the same channels as entertainment, out of respect for our combined audiences it should be held to the same standards. The A-List Awards is uniquely positioned to recognize the work and teams that live up to the bar set by Hollywood."

Greg Castronuovo
OMD West
Los Angeles 


“The intersection of advertising and entertainment has never been more relevant for us to break through the clutter.  The A-List celebrates the agencies and campaigns that are doing so in the most exceptional manner.”

Ivo Roefs
DDB & Tribal Worldwide Amsterdam


“Storytelling is still the most effective way to convince people. See the switch on all digital platforms, where video contact is ruling now a days. That’s why we all need to embrace the power of storytelling.”

Brian Latt
EP / Partner
m ss ng p eces
Los Angeles


"I can’t think of a better place for an awards show that honors the most entertaining and effective advertising campaigns than in Hollywood.  The A-List’s identity is rooted in what makes advertising special."

Mike Harris
MP/Global Chief Strategy Officer
Los Angeles
Helen Pak
Chief Creative Officer
 Grey Canada
Alan Madill
Chief Creative Officer
 Juniper Park\TBWA
Andrew Christou
Chief Creative Officer
Michael Lemme
CCO & Partner
Duncan Channon
San Francisco
Greg Buri
Creative Director
Los Angeles 
Josh DiMarcantonio
Los Angeles
Rosie Arnold
CP & Head of Art


Jay Russell
Chief Creative Officer

“The A-List Hollywood Awards recognizes work that blurs the line between advertising and entertainment. The job of a creative is to find that intersection and make people feel something, and these awards honor those who are uniquely excellent in drawing out emotion through storytelling.”

Daniel da Hora
Chief Creative Officer

"If there’s something that is catching audiences eyes it is content and entertainment. And the A-List goes straight to that point, honoring the best of creativity in the fields of big ideas, combined to a class-a craft, all surrounded in a blasting storytelling."

Kurt Mills
Goodby Silverstein & Partners
San Francisco


"If advertising is the ugly sibling to Hollywood, then the A-List Awards are the much-needed makeover, showing the magic that happens when the two come together."

Oliver Fuselier
 MP, Live Action
Tool of North America
 Santa Monica

"Exceptional storytelling will make or break the world of advertising. The A-List Hollywood Awards highlights this paradigm and brings to light new ways to translate the disruption of everyday technologies - from our smartphones to our tablets to our desk."

Scott Goodson
 Founder & CEO
New York 


"No other award show is a movement on the rise like the A-List. It rewards courageous, brave and intelligent CMOs, clients, agencies and brands that are making it happen." 

Anne-Marie Schaffer
PHD West
Los Angeles 


"In a world where data-driven marketing is gaining greater importance, engagement and innovation matter more than ever. The A-List celebrates brands and agencies that strive to make impressions through creativity."

Bridget Harvey
Head of Brand Strategy
Los Angeles
Nick Turner
Chief Creative Officer
 SapientRazorfish EMEA London
Justine Armour
Group Creative Director  72andSunny
Los Angeles 
Atit Shah
New York 
Melissa Palazzo
Ant Farm
Los Angeles 
John McMahon
Trailer Park
Los Angeles
Armin Jochum
CCO & Co-Founder
Adam Kerj
Chief Creative Officer
Sweden & Nordics


Patrícia Weiss
 Strategic Consultant for Branded Entertainment / EP
Sao Paulo 


"Brands must address the truth with honesty, with amplitude and depth because this is what really matters to people, taking over the moral duty to represent the company and to transform the culture." 

Atsushi Ishiwata
 Sr. Creative Director
Havas Worldwide


"A person who loves entertaining people is always being loved by them, and brand is the same. The A-List Award is the hottest award show that reminds you a principle of connecting people with brand."

Justin Drape
CCO & Co-Founder
 The Monkeys

 “As audience viewing platforms and viewing options continue to evolve, the nexus between advertising and entertainment has become one of the most exciting and valuable areas of brand communication. The A-List recognizes this and awards the best work in this space from around the world.”

Will McGinness
 Partner, ECD
  Venables Bell & Partners
 San Francisco 

"Somewhere along the line, Madison Avenue and Hollywood had a big old baby. And to everyone’s surprise it wasn’t nearly as ugly as we would have thought. In fact, this big strange baby can be downright magical. I’m glad we have a show to properly celebrate its place in our culture."

Dominic Sandifer
Greenlight Media & Marketing
Los Angeles



"It really doesn't matter any longer if it's branded entertainment or entertainment,  what matters is if it's a great story."

Debbi Vandeven
Chief Creative Officer
Kansas City 


“The human connection has never been more important. And that’s the type of work The A-List Hollywood Awards brings to the forefront and celebrates — it’s the work that you simply cannot ignore.” 

Omid Farhang
Chief Creative Officer
 Momentum Worldwide New York

“The proliferation of ad blockers is just one of many indicators that people have never been less accepting of uninvited and intrusive marketing messages. So now more than ever, it’s not what brands say, it’s what they do that matters. Leave it to the traditional shows to celebrate the Sayers; The A-List exists to celebrate the Doers.”

Jen Dennis
EP  Brand Content & VR
RSA Films
Los Angeles 
Tom Meyer
The Marketing Arm
Davie Brown Entertainment
Los Angeles 

“As someone who’s always tried to do a little writing, directing and film making on the side, it’s great to see an award show that breaks down the walls and brings it all together with advertising and marketing.   There’s never been more creative possibilities."

Marc Wesseling
Alexander Schill
Global CCO
Serviceplan Group
Karin Onsager-Birch
 Chief Creative Officer
 FCB Global
San Francisco 
Erik Holmdahl
Global Partner/CD
Alex Yenni
Co-Founder, MD
 LoveChild Studio
 Santa Monica 


Rob Hodgson
Creative Director
Los Angeles

“I appreciate that The A-List Awards recognize the creativity and entertainment aspects of advertising as much as they recognize technical execution. The best advertising is not only visually beautiful but also tells an engaging story—something unique that speaks to savvy, creative audiences.”

Dan Levinson
Moxie Pictures
New York 

"The intersection between advertising and entertainment has been the basis of the media world from the beginning of television. Some talk the talk, this show will celebrate those who walk the walk." 

Ali Brown
VP / Executive Producer
Los Angeles

"To have an award show that celebrates the creativity that’s a result of the evolution and advancement made in the marriage of art and commerce is much needed and perfectly embodied by the A-List Hollywood Awards.”

Alex Mehedff
 Managing Partner
 Hungry Man

"Our story-telling creative business moves in many ways, and to be part of an award show that focuses on the intersection between advertising and entertainment across all platforms, is A-Lists stamp for being what it is, a global celebration of what really matters in advertisings future."

Laura Gregory
CEO / Founder
Great Guns
David Olsson
 Founding Partner / CEO
Davud Karbassioun
 Chief Production Officer
Ned Crowley
Chief Creative Officer  mcgarrybowen

“As someone who’s always tried to do a little writing, directing and film making on the side, it’s great to see an award show that breaks down the walls and brings it all together with advertising and marketing.   There’s never been more creative possibilities."

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