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Winners can order individual trophies with personalized credits for your team members and clients. A great addition on anyone's desk.  Order duplicate Gold, Silver or Bronze trophies for $389 (plus shipping). Please email us your order.









About the Award:


The A-List Hollywood Awards recognizes excellence and innovation intersecting between advertising and entertainment across all platforms.  The first creative competition of its kind in Hollywood.


In today’s marketing landscape, communications are interrelated across media.  Therefore we designed an iconic award that would visually represent these relationships. 


We developed a custom award design that was itself interactive: a four-piece puzzle with recessed icons representing communication channels (film camera, phone, computer, and television.)  Each solid metal piece is precisely cast to fit together smoothly, with a satin finish and electroplated gold, silver bronze or black gunmetal for our various echelons, and set inside a wood base for display.  

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