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The A-List Hollywood Awards is the first competition of its kind in Hollywood, to focus on the intersection between advertising and entertainment.   


The A-List Hollywood Awards, features six distinct award competitions, honoring outstanding achievement in Moving Image Advertising, Branded Entertainment, Interactive, Film Craft, Entertainment Marketing and Online Video. The Film Craft Awards focuses on the commercial advertising production and post production industry and includes a New Directors Showcase featuring the work of the industry’s most promising young talent.


The A-List headquartered in Hollywood will produce seminars, workshops and conferences in different locations each year, bringing together leading professionals in the creative advertising, marketing and entertainment industry. The events aim to connect creative leaders in these industries for crossover conversation and inspiration.  Our goal is to educate, inspire and celebrate the industry best work each year.


The A-List is a term that refers to the most bankable movie stars in the Hollywood film industry. These stars enjoy consistent commercial success in films which are nominated multiple times over for dozens of awards. These are the celebrities that the world looks to as trendsetting icons. As a result, brands, ad agencies, publicists and filmmakers typically flock to these entertainers in order to boost their image and sales.


We are independent from any publication, association, agency or media company.

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