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Greg Smith
Chief Creative Officer
 The VIA Agency
 Portland, ME

"The whole notion of creativity and what role it plays not only in advertising but in society at large is changing with advance in technology. The A-List celebrates the evolution of creative thought and expression in a way that other shows do not." 

Pete Favat
Chief Creative Officer
 Deutsch North America
 Los Angeles


“I love the focus of this show, its powerful, unique and future facing. The faster brands can be in entertainment the better. “ 

Xanthe Wells
Chief Creative Officer
Los Angeles


"When entertainment and advertising are truly indistinguishable, we are seeing the greatest successes. The A-List Hollywood Awards celebrate just how possible it is to be relevant, watchable and still sell a product." 

Brigid Alkema
Clemenger BBDO

"Much of the work that thrives no longer resembles what we could traditionally categorise as advertising or entertainment, the lines have blurred. It’s great to have an award show to recognise this work.” 

Christian Mommertz
Chief Creative Officer
 TBWA\ Germany

"It’s been decades since consumers have payed for a cinema ticket in order to enjoy awarded advertising. About time for an award show to remind that one thing will never change: The universal need to get released from boredom."

Andrea Stillacci
 President & Founder


"Advertising and entertainment can generate the most colorful flowers. The A-List lets us roll around in them like hungry bees celebrating the most inspiring pollen in the industry." 


Jennifer Prince
Head of Entertainment
Los Angeles 

"Brands only have a brief moment to capture the attention of audiences & fans, and entertainment is the key to success. It's timely to see an award program recognizing the great work happening at the intersection of advertising, tech and entertainment."

Angie Barrick
Head of Industry
Media & Entertainment
Los Angeles
Brent Choi
Chief Creative Officer
 J. Walter Thompson
 New York & Canada
Lauren Connolly
New York
Jason Apaliski
Group Creative Director Pereira & O’Dell
San Francisco
Lucio Rufo
Group Creative Director, Head of Design


Elke Klinkhammer
 Chief Creative Officer
 McCann Worldgroup Germany

"Powerful brands play a meaningful role in peoples life. The quality and value of branded entertainment and brand experience makes the difference. And this is what The A-List Hollywood Awards celebrate.“

Kelly Mullen
Vice President of Branded Entertainment Ketchum
New York 

“Unbranded branded entertainment” is the future of marketing, and brands risk losing relevance if they do not create premium, destination content. The A-List Hollywood Awards are blazing a trail by celebrating this important shift in a unique and exciting way." 

Philippe Meunier
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder
Sid Lee


Laura Gregory
CEO / Founder
Great Guns


"Awards shows are duty bound to award great ideas. The A-List Hollywood Awards does that and more, it awards creativity and brave execution."

Derek Sewell
Partner / EP
Holiday Films

“The more recognition great work receives, the more those commissioning it will understand the value of strong, original ideas, well executed.  Thanks A-List Hollywood for helping to increase the profile of the best work in the world. We can only hope it leads to more.”

Robert Galluzzo
Founder / EP



"The more we acknowledge great craftsmanship, the harder it is to ignore its importance"

Damon Meena
Transistor Studios
 New York 


"To be recognized by such an outstanding organization such as the the A-List Hollywood Awards is truly a great achievement." 

Damien Eley
Founding Partner
Los Angeles
Eugene Cheong
 Regional CD
Ogilvy & Mather
Asia Pacific
Lucio Rufo
Group Creative Director, Head of Design
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